"Kaptagat Highlands" T-shirt

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There must be a metaphor/parable about my relationship with running-- it appears in a lot of my designs. Maybe it's the aesthetic of running— costumes, pageantry, iconography?

Eshu an Orisha (spirit/god) in Yoruba mythology has interesting similarities to Hermes of comparable Greek lore (Eshu predates Hermes). Both travelers, tricksters, and messengers— Hermes notably is represented by the iconic winged foot (track and field) one of my most favorite graphic images. 

Iten, Kenya is unlike any other town in the world: It is the undisputed capital of distance running, a discipline that the country dominates internationally. Kenyan runners won have 19 Boston Marathon titles in a 22-year stretch and have posted 10 of the top 11 fastest times ever in the 3,000-meter steeplechase. 

The majority of Kenyan runners are part of the Kalenjin tribe in Western Kenya near the Rift Valley, which Iten is at the heart of. The village is at the perfect altitude for long-distance training and has miles of hilly dirt roads.

Running is culturally embedded in Iten, Kenyan mixed with its high elevation and a diet that’s conducive to the sport. The beauty and history of the region have inspired this offering of t-shirts and French Terry sets.

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