We all started laughing out loud on its original air date of September 10, 1990 and thirty years later  we're still hollering at the most iconic Bel-Air resident’s turn-ups. So as a tribute to "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air" turning 30, we’ve created the “Fresh Prince Anniversary Pack” with a friend to my brand— HOOD.

One of the signature pieces of the HOOD brand is the “Los Angeles Bel-Air” cap. It’s been a fan-favorite since its original ‘air date’. So as a nod to the sitcom turning 30 we've revised the Bel Air cap to be aligned with the Fresh Prince colorway and added a West Philly remix as an ode to the prince's roots.

The caps are constructed using HOOD's vibrant and beautiful merino wool with khaki taping and sweatband. We've added 3D embroidery along with side panel embroidery placements and our newly introduced Nappa leather adjustable strap to elevate the offering.

Fits sizes:  7” - 8”

Domed crown (top)
Flat bill (visor)
100% Merino wool

Crown/Visor: Slush Puppy (Blue)

Embroidery: Ming (Lime) / Fuchsia (Hot Pink) / Black

Leather strap: Black